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"Oxygen To Go" Private Label
and "Sport 02" Canned Oxygen

* After all kinds of workouts; swimming, golf, tennis, soccer, track sports, aerobics, mountain climbing, etc.
* When you have to be in places with a lot of dust and smog
* To revive your tired body after long-distance driving and stressful days of hard work.
* After excessive drinking
* For those who have difficulty in breathing
* High Altitude Relief


Operating Instructions of O2 TO GO™ CANNED OXYGEN
Remove the plastic inhaler oxygen mask from the can and press the inlet plastic hole of the mask firmly on the oxygen can top nozzle.
Your oxygen mask is now ready for operation!
Put the mask covering nose and mouth and press the top button.
Generally 1-2 uses will ease breathing.
After use, disconnect the inhaler mask from the nozzle and close the oxygen can from the top to cover the oxygen can for safety.
Purity 70-80%
Gaseous Pressure 9Kg/cm2
Time of Uses over 120 times (3 seconds each time)
Inhaler mask included for simple use


Select from the above design or one of those shown below. Better yet, customize with your own label with an illistration, photograph... and your logo! Label size: 215 x 189 mm to wrap around can.

Sport 02

 Port 1

Port 2

Port 3

Port 4

Port 5

Port 6

Port 7

Labels extra.
- Outer packing : 30 ea per carton
- Outer packing dimension : 450 x 380 x 280mm
- Size : F70 × 270mm
- Weight : 108g
- Purity : 70~80%
- Capacity : 4 liter base on the normal temperature
- Maximum Charging Pressure of Can : 9kg/cm2
- 3 year shelf life.

- Call Patte for more information and pricing: 702.219.6777 or Email her now.

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