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New Oxygen Facelift


Our Oxygen Facelift™ uses both internal oxygen products, topical oxygen products, the Oxygen Laser Wand™ and the breathing of oxygen during the treatment.

It also allows you to sell Topical Oxygen Serums for home use. The steps are outlined below.

Oxygen Facials have gained a reputation as the facial with the most dynamic results. Users report firmer skin with results that last. Now Oxygen Experience® & O2 Planet™ introduce the first skin tightening and rejuvenating

Oxygen Facelift™

This unique 9 pronged approach introduces oxygen to the face and body in an unparalleled system. The Oxygen Facelift™ oxygenates the face at a deep cellular level for optimum results.

Why?The face receives its oxygen from the atmosphere. A lack of oxygen results in pre-mature aging of the skin.

According to Dr. Paul Herzog, M.D. Scientist, Doctor in medicine at the Nobel Institute in Stockholm, Sweden (as summarized in A Milestone in Cosmetology), "It is positively concluded from these investigations, that the basic reason for this aging (early aging of the skin of the face) lies in a decreased oxygen supply from the capillaries of the subcutaneous area of the epidermis of the face".

He goes on to state: "The resulting oxygen deficit can reach such proportions, that the skin of the face can no longer retain its young and healthy appearance.

One must imperatively intervene in the metabolic processes taking place within the skin of the face, in order to compensate for the shortage of oxygen and of the essential nutrients, with a targeted transcutaneous supply of oxygen, water, of Vitamin A and glucose".

(A copy of this report available to Oxygen Experience® licensees.)


Results include a vibrant, fresh, younger looking skin with a healthy glow from within, tighter skin, and a refreshing, energizing break.
To insure a constant supply of oxygen for your face and neck we recommend you include a daily regime of our Oxygen Experience™ Products available for sale.
Here is the pricing for our units and other equipment.


Oxygen Facelift™

Call Patte @

1-702-219-6777 or email at




Our system invigorates your face and body with life giving oxygen in a 9 pronged approach:

You start your oxygen facial by taking one of our super charged Oxy-Blast Oxygen Shooters loaded with our activated oxygen, Glucose, magnesium, and potassium.

You then relax while breathing a relaxing blend of aroma-oxygen before your facial. Infusing your system with hydrated oxygen with your choice of aromatherapy flavors.

Your skin is first cleansed using our PORCELAIN SKIN ™ OXYGEN FACIAL BUFF. This gentle, botanical-enriched facial cleanser featuring natural ingredients, including CoQ10 and Retinal (Vitamin E), micro-grained natural exfoliating agents and revitalizing activated oxygen to cleanse, disinfect, exfoliate and nourish the skin.

Next, your skin is treated to a layer of our pure ACTIVATED OXYGEN ™ Professional Strength

Your skin is then layered with our REPLENISH OXYGEN FACE SERUM™ Rich in bio-available activated oxygen and antioxidant vitamins, Replenish™ is a gentle, completely hypo-allergenic, biocidal serum to help the skin during its healing process.

The oxygen nutrients layered on your face are then Hydrated with Activated Oxygen. This bonds the skin with the Oxygen, vitamins, and minerals.

You then use the Oxygen Laser Wand for 45 seconds in each area to stimulate the collagen, this also softens the wrinkles and oxygenates the face. It also helps to heal pimples.

Your face and neck is then treated to SPLASH ™ OXYGEN FACIAL TONING GEL.
This is our alcohol-free re-building health tonic for the skin. It brings a profusion of rejuvenating oxygen to the skin to tingle, firm and nourish tired skin as it supplies the cells with renewing molecules of oxygen. SPLASH is designed to stimulate and invigorate the skin and restore vital PH balances with a wonderful combination of natural ingredients and activated oxygen.

Your skin is then treated to a final finish with our TRANSFORMATION ™ FACE AND NECK THERAPY This cream combines gentle selected herbal botanicals in an exceptional oxygen-enhanced skin-tightening formulas for both the eyes as well as for the face and neck.

You finish your OXYGEN FACE LIFT™ with an additional 5 minutes of aroma-therapy oxygen using an energizing blend.


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